Barbara Terebieniec, PhD, CEO

Barbara recently defended her Ph.D. at the Plant Physiology Department at UmeƄ University. Her researchers path lead her to different laboratories: Scilife laboratory in Stockholm, Max Planck Institut in Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam and the Max Planck Institut for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. Her interest in different disciplines of science and technology leads her to ideas combining those interests, like the FreezFiler solution.

Cristian Klein, PhD, CTO

Cristian obtained his PhD in 2012 from INRIA, France. Cristian has a strong background in designing scalable and resilient systems, resource management, and software engineering. He gathered experience via open source contributions, several EU and national projects, as well as via his role as a chief cloud architect and executive in a German start-up company.

Stephan Skrodzki, COO

After receiving his diploma degree in computer science, Stephan started as a researcher at Digital Equipment (hey, do you still know them?). He joined the start up scene in the year 2000 by becoming the CTO of the LinuxTV pioneers convergence. In 2006 Stephan started his own company GMIT leveraging his experience in setting up a company developing products for digital TV. Selling this company successful in 2012, Stephan has since then consulted start ups in the area of business development and product management.