FreezFiler at the Lab-Supply in Berlin

We are happy to announce that FreezFiler got the opportunity to be exposed at the Lab-Supply fair in Berlin in collaboration with phcbi.

FreezFiler on the top of phcbi Freezer at Lab-Supply in Berlin / Lab-Supply, Berlin, June, 2019.

Close-up of the FreezFiler set-up: FreezFiler (on the right), the Human label printer (in the middle), server (links). Lab-Supply, Berlin, June, 2019.

More information about the Lab-Supply fair here.

FreezFiler Eye is market ready

After months of hard work and several iterations, the FreezFiler Eye is market ready.

The frame is 3D printed to allow quick customization. The 4 standing magnets and the height are adjustable, making it compatible with a wide variety of lab freezers.

The computer vision software now runs fully within the FreezFiler Eye. The user can now enjoy box insertion and removal feedback within 500 milliseconds. Furthermore, the FreezFiler Eye is now usable in low-bandwidth environments, such as Ethernet-over-two-wires. A password-protected admin interface allows both calibrating the camera view angle and configuring the FreezFiler Eye, e.g., set audio feedback volume, select the WiFi, etc.

Read the complete description and download the product paper.

FreezFiler nominated to the national finals Venture Cup 2018

Yes, we came this far! FreezFiler has been nominated to the Venture Cup finals in Stockholm, after winning the award Student Superstart at the regional Venture Cup competition: Venture Cup Nordic finals in May 2018.

We have presented FreezFiler to the Venture Cup committee members and recorded 1 minute pitch. Please have a look.

FreezFiler – Pitch Venture Cup 2018.