kleinlabs develops solutions to help researchers in different work areas to increase productivity and reduce running costs. In short to support the focus on the research work. To reach these goals, we combine in our teams the experience of applied researchers in different research areas with state of the art IT and automation know-how. This leads to solutions which are application driven from the beginning and do not intent to force their users to do more work but to ease their daily routine. As an example, the FreezFiler solution, which kleinlabs introduces 2018 helps researchers and lab teams in the medical and biological area to track the position of samples in deep freezers to retrieve them faster and to optimize precious storage capacities in deep freezers. The headquarter of kleinlabs is located in UmeƄ, Sweden, where researchers from all parts of the world benefit from the creative atmosphere at the Universities institutes and networking between the departments. A part of the team is based in Berlin, well connected to the vibrant start up scene there.