FreezFiler Eye is market ready

After months of hard work and several iterations, the FreezFiler Eye is market ready.

The frame is 3D printed to allow quick customization. The 4 standing magnets and the height are adjustable, making it compatible with a wide variety of lab freezers.

The computer vision software now runs fully within the FreezFiler Eye. The user can now enjoy box insertion and removal feedback within 500 milliseconds. Furthermore, the FreezFiler Eye is now usable in low-bandwidth environments, such as Ethernet-over-two-wires. A password-protected admin interface allows both calibrating the camera view angle and configuring the FreezFiler Eye, e.g., set audio feedback volume, select the WiFi, etc.

Read the complete description and download the product paper.

FreezFiler nominated to the national finals Venture Cup 2018

Yes, we came this far! FreezFiler has been nominated to the Venture Cup finals in Stockholm, after winning the award Student Superstart at the regional Venture Cup competition: Venture Cup Nordic finals in May 2018.

We have presented FreezFiler to the Venture Cup committee members and recorded 1 minute pitch. Please have a look.

FreezFiler – Pitch Venture Cup 2018.

FreezFiler introduced on Analytica

Barbara and Stephan have been on Analytica to get feedback on the FreezFiler solution. We used the video to show potential partners how it works and the feedback was great! The people were amazed about the simplicity and the potential of the setup and we got  a lot of positive statements. But not only that: we also got the ideas for new applications and integration with existing solutions. Thank you all for that!


Introduction Video

After some days of heavy work, we are proud to present our new introduction video. With a length below 3 minutes, it should give you all the information you need to understand, how FreezFiler work and what benefits it brings to your daily life in the lab.

Here it is:

SmartFreezer successful on Demoday

At the Startup Demoday held today in Allstar Cafe in Umeå, Barbara Terebieniec introduced the SmartFreezer project and gave an impressing introduction of the idea to the audience. Also in the direct interview with the jury, Barbara was convincing and so SmartFreezer was selected for the second place and gained a support of 10.000 SEK.

Picture by Malin Grönborg

“I am proud and happy that our idea finds supporters everywhere, we are introducing it”, states Barbara later after the announcement of the winners at Umeå Tech Arena.

SmartFreezer is selected in Uminova Innovation Startup Program

The SmartFreezer idea, which is the grass root of kleinlabs, is supported by Uminova‘s innovation startup program!

We are proud, that the SmartFreezer idea was selected to get support in this program. The funding will be used to sharpen the idea and test the core of the solution within real life environments to understand the parameters for customer acceptance. Market research is planned to find out the best entry points to get the project in business as early as possible.